Elena Chirkova

The Warren Buffett philosophy of investment

See the world’s #1 investor like never before—and how you can replicate his success.
The Warren Buffett Philosophy Of Investment reveals—for the first time—the secret behind Buffett’s 20% return rate over 60 years—something modern financial theory can’t explain. This groundbreaking guide demystifies the Oracle of Omaha to reveal his peerless wealth-generating strategy as a potent mix of customized value investing and reputation-focused tactics for mergers and acquisitions. In fact, the magic in his toolbox is out for the public to see: Berkshire Hathaway.

Whether you are a devote follower or curious about the legendary investor, this eye-opening study of his investment habits illuminates a cornerstone component to his success not available anywhere else. With the intimacy of a biography, it shows how he operates as a value investor on his own terms and became the person first-class companies seek out when they want to be bought out. Packed with the substance of a how-to investing guide, it shows you:

  • Why avoiding risk is more profitable than taking it on
  • How Buffett’s views on corporate finance function as the lynchpin of his strategy
  • What it takes to become a brand-name of mergers and acquisitions
  • Why keeping the management of acquired companies can propel future deals
  • What makes Berkshire Hathaway an unrivaled investment tool

Break your own investment strategy free from the limitations of financial theory with The Warren Buffett Philosophy Of Investment and realize unthinkable wealth only possible in the practical world.

McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (March 20, 2015)
ISBN-10: 0071819320
ISBN-13: 978-0071819329

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