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About me

I graduated with honours from the economics faculty of the Moscow State University in Russia and later studied at the Claremont Graduate School in California (USA) as an Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellow. I hold a PHD in Economics.
I have years of practical experience in financial advisory and investment banking. I worked at the Financial Advisory Services Department at Deloitte and at the investment bank N.M. Rothschild in Moscow, where I specialised in M&A.
I was also a visiting scholar at Harvard University through the Fulbright Scholar Program. Currently I am an associate professor at the finance division of the economics department at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the leading finance and economics school in Russia. My sphere of interests includes the theory of financial bubbles, corporate finance, value investing, valuation of shares and, in particular, the use of multipliers in the valuation of shares.
I am also an author of six books on finance in Russian. I frequently publishe articles in the popular Russian economics and finance magazine «Kommersant Money». I cover the subjects of financial markets and the economics of totalitarian regimes. I also write a column «Economics in Literature» where I discuss economic history through examples of events portrayed in well-known and popular classical works.

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